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Advanced Medical Services is your dedicated partner at every step of your professional journey. Whether you are on the verge of opening your practice for the first time or working hard to build on the foundation you have started, AMS provides services to help you make the most of every business day.


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Focus Services


AMS will contact local and national insurance carriers as well as government agencies on behalf of the provider to confirm if they are accepting new contracts for the provider’s specific specialty as well as geographical region. All providers will be given a packet to be filled out either by the provider or AMS.

All applications will be returned to the insurance carriers for processing and then followed up on to obtain approved contracts, provider # as well as provider manual.


A medical practice startup consult is ideally performed at least six months in advance of the start date, and the earlier the better. It involves an intensive full-day meeting with the doctor(s) making as many decisions as possible regarding practice start-up and operations.

Templates are customized for a business plan; an employee handbook; staffing and hiring: billing and collections; office brochure; general ledger/accounting; and most forms needed to run the practice.

Marketing strategies are discussed and a marketing plan prepared.

A checklist and calendar of pre-start-up activities are prepared and reviewed in detail, leading up to and through opening day.


We are fully committed to earning your complete satisfaction. We ensure that you increase productivity by updating your billing practices.

Our approach to consultations is simple. It is our duty to get to know each of our clients and their operations on a personal level. This way, we are able to provide you with exceptional advice and help you take advantage of a number of revenue opportunities.

We provide a unique perspective to medical claims consulting. We always work according to your best interest. This allows us to provide your staff with an exceptional value that benefits you and your patients.